BP numbers… I am liking this… Experiment pg 5…

5:30 this morning…156/88 pulse 72… before Coffee…..

6:00 AM 141/73 pulse 69 ….. first cup of coffee

7:00 AM 158/87 pulse 73….. 2nd cup of coffee, but didn’t finish it, I rarely do, only about half drank…..

7:50 AM 145/83 pulse 84 and I just did a mile power walk…

So does this mean my theory is right… about the thyroid man-made drug from hell… and just a FYI… the Endo doctor at El Paso took 12 tubes of blood to test me during a fasting thing, that just about did me under with all the blood draws during those hours and she tried me on other medications for my thyroid…

I could not TOLERATE any of the medication she tried… and I obviously cannot tolerate they thyroid medication period!!!!

So over college educated refusing to listen to the very people they are supposed to help….

Still no phone call to confirm the neurology appointment and if it has been cancelled, than there will be a problem with the last provider and Mike remembers the statements the doctor made and it would not look good in court for her… so lets hope cooler head prevailed and no one fucked with my neurology appointment…

I still have more weeks of testing on this experiment and I have PT next week and we are thinking of spending the money on a oliptical… which is what the surgeon wanted me on after my leg surgery… and I think even with Mikes RA, he will get some use out of it… only one problem… where do you put exercise equipment in a 1,000 square foot home that has every inch of space occupied… It’s doable… but it will make our living area tighter and I am thinking it would be a smart investment for those days, where the throne and I are best friends…

Hate spending that kind of money, when we are trying to save to leave here… got to weigh the pros and cons…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who never understood why PE was so painful in school….


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