Caffine… I love my coffee….

I really hate not being able to figure things out… I truly love problem solving… something my boss’s all hated, because they were never smart enough to do it and they had college degrees….

I went back and looked at the numbers right afer I got out of bed… and I took a reading 2 hours after we got up and I had my coffee…. and I think my aha moment is going to make me very unhappy….

I drink about 3 cups of coffee, the mugs hold about 2 cups and I usually will drink 1 to 1 and 1 1/2 cups….

Now we get up early, because to be woke up by the rude roosters just ruins our day, so we go to bed early, cause we get up about 5AM every day… being retired, you would think sleep in… lol, we have never done that except when we were heavy drinkers… and that was a couple of decades ago…

So if my guess is right, because I just took my vitals and the numbers were reversing as early as 11Am… and they are back in normal range… so coffee, my favorite thing in the morning… just may become decaf… yuck!!!

Tomorrow when I get up, no coffee and we see where the numbers are after being up a couple of hours…

I have always known caffeine and I do not get along, which is why my go to soda, 7UP… and my supper drink… Lipton Ice Tea… the rest of the day, lots of water…

Before supper today, I will check my vitals and an hour after we eat, I will check them again and see if the Tea impacts me like the coffee does…

I knew stimulants of any kind, I couldn’t tolerate… which is why drug addiction would never be an issue… I do not like my body doing things because of what I put in it… so I avoid those things that make me feel worse than I already do…and always have since the Texas beating and death…

If tomorrow plays out like I think it will… caffeine just became my number one enemy…

Heart rate is down, BP is normal on the right, but elevated on the left and the stroke is on the right side of my brain….

This is the time I really wish I had the ability to read, retain and learn, instead of having to repeatedly read something so it imprints… that is the way it has been since Texas… Thank you Freda, Peggy & Don… my life just makes me smile, every time I wake up, because you didn’t succeed in silencing me forever….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie… who hated milk in her coffee….


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