Fog is coming back, I think…

Today, not a good one… Lots of noise from surrounding properties, which intrudes into my world… so am looking forward to our move and buy 20 or more acres in the middle of the hills back home…

By the time this afternoon got here, I had pain behind my left eye and the tissue is tender to the touch… and yep, I had pain in the left lobe today… Not a headache… pain and pain in both vessels going up my neck on each side…

For something that is not acute… I sure have lots of pain and fog in my brain… and I had a stress “Headache” earlier in the frontal area… and not throbbing or pulsating, just a tightness which is indicative of a stress headache… they really need to change how we categorize pain in our head and scalp…

Appetite… well I weighed at the doctors and their scale is off 3 pounds, but our high-tech scale at home is accurate and I am now down to 137 pounds… less than 10 pounds away from my military weight 40 years ago… and food, I eat, but the stomach won’t let me put much in it and GERD has happily appeared, so lots of tums right now and all because of the BP drug… this is why I hate man-made drugs…

Still no phone call to get the test done… I already talked to my other lawyer and Mike is talking to his lawyer… want to make sure everything is in place, if the doctor who says I have nothing acute going on, happens anyway… I really would like to know when humans got X-ray vision and became psychic??? I mean for real!!!

I have written stories off-line so that Mike can publish them for me, if anything does happen, but with my luck and his computer abilities… they will get deleted… just saying… I know my hubby and his fingers… lol

Day is over and the brain is very tired tonight….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…


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