Blood leaves the body….edited….

Last year, I think before the holidays, I had lots of blood leaving my body through my bowel and so much so, I could smell the blood over the smell of the stool, so it was enough blood, the doctor did some kind of stool test, which I guess didn’t show any red flags… just one little problem…ย 

It never stopped since last year…ย 

For the longest time I associated it with the Tumeric spice, I was using excessive amounts, so I backed off on it and use very little and have now since last fall…

The I associated it with the strong NSAIDs I take and when I didn’t take that NSAID and still had blood in my stool, I just threw my hands up in the air and figured it was normal for me, and deep down I knew it wasn’t…

So we get this MRI and fistula crap… and I start researching the science…something I don’t do Unless, I know why and what I am researching…

The pressure in my head has backed off, in other words, here we go with another supposition….

What I have been dealing with since last fall, the blood is draining and that is the pain and headaches I feel… Well that fullness that was their last night when I went to bed… is gone and my stool is normal… Now are the 2 connected….

I have no real clue, I can’t get into websites, because of my communications setup… so, just another symptom to document, because I know someone will say something and I will chime in yep… been there, done that….

Also, I do not feel as exhausted, but my brain feels like it is stoned and I haven’t smoked or taking any medication that would cause that affect….this is like when I did the psych exam in the military and asked the shrink if you can change your personality… again, I gave clues, but protecting the Air Force image, after they raped and tried to kill my kids…

My life has no value to anyone but me… and sadly that is a fact… okay, hubby would miss me…lol

Follow up clue, that I impressed upon hubby… It is in the 70’s outside, no wind and I am in long PJ bottoms and a robe and socks… I am cold and hubby is in shorts and tank top… This is a typical pattern of what I suspect about the blood… I will be cold, until the house heats up to near 80 degrees… last night and night before, had to put socks on at bed time to keep the feet from cramping, because the blood flow was so low… once in bed, that adjusts, because of Mikes heart failure, my feet warmed up… get out of bed and I am cold…

I can feel pain in the right and left lobe, just about in the same areas… it is a dull ache, not intrusive, but If I do activity, like exercise or get cardio up… that pain will increase… this pattern has gone on for a while and it is something I just automatically adjust too, so I don’t have lots of pain in my head…

The Clues have been there for every doctor I ever saw… and it took this person who has no degree or license to figure out what is going on… so I have a question… why do we pay doctors if they are that incompetent??? oh yea… capitalism….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Rmeember… Margie…


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