Bad start to the day….

I won’t share the picture we took…. 

But a little dog, no more than 5 pounds, we found wrapped in a towel on the side of the road this morning and it was there, because stupid morons who drive in HPP up and down Makauu street, think it’s a race way and when fireworks are going off, you would think they would drive slow, because of the animals…

If this doesn’t tell you what has happened to Hawaii… well it’s your money…

Life lost, because of need for speed and need for explosions…

I have PTSD and I have been shot at, and had bombs go off near me… I never served in combat… this was at Yokota AFB, when we lived there…. and I was a civil service employee… but my PTSD is not related to that violence… it is related to domestic violence… and I hate fireworks….

Loss of any pet is hard on anyone who truly loves and cares for their animals better than they do their kids… okay not so funny, but fact…

I have zero respect for the people here… last night was the worse one yet and we have been through 3 new years here and I hope with all I am, this is our last one… but I know we won’t get out of here before the 4th of July… at least that is hot weather and we will likely be closed up with AC on and it won’t be near as loud, but still loud… they don’t put insulation in the walls here… because we never get cold… so paper-thin because of that…

So disappointed in what should be an island of humanity, instead it has turned into an island of  capital gains and forgetting, the land and animals we share it with… so ready to move… but I can’t, got things to finish health wise and I have to wait…now this is worse than being stationed in a hell hole in the military… and I am talking about Hawaii….

So ready for that 20 acres we plan to buy…. in another state and far away from this kind of ignorance and bigotry… which we have experienced more times than we can count… 

Bigotry that is… on Hawaii….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…


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