Dura Fistula and Tachycardia…

The tachycardia started in 1978 after I had been in the military for about a year… they had me wear halter units, 3 times and got nothing… The VA put one on me in Spokane and got nothing… that was 1998…. In 2017, I told the doctor here about it and she actually heard it and had me wear this little device that confirmed I had Tachycardia… 39 years and it took the current doctor I have now to find it and confirm it… okay that being said… why did it start????

The fistula… yeppers… when all the symptoms hit, the fatigue, the sinus, the pain in my sigmoid area of my sinus and my right eye pain…. and the tachycardia… and you got it… no one college educated with a medical license figured it out… but I did…

I just didn’t know that I had a brain injury from Don & Freda..and I called and asked Freda… not once, not twice, not three times… more times than I can count, until 1996… I asked Freda… mommy dearest and all she said, “oh you had the normal stuff, measles, mumps, but nothing else ever happened to you”… okay now you get it, the bitch is bat shit crazy, no lie… she be loony toones…

Why did I quit asking in 1996… that was the year Mike took me to see them after 13 years absence… and that started the brain into wondering why I had so many emotions and thoughts and most of all, issues being any place near the people who gave me life… wow!!!

Now I have found some science to back this up… but with all the issues I am having cognitively, it’s getting harder to absorb what I read and comprehend… and the tachycardia, last night, felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and that was when I heard the whooshing sound in my ears and that good old aha moment happened… they are connected and this DAVF thing I have, is the cause… and I even saw a cardiologist at El Paso at the Army facility William Beaumont… and he thought he heard something, but the following test showed nothing… that was about 2015, Echo, CT of the heart, EKG, they did them all except have me wear a halter unit… so he 2nd guessed himself… not good when doctors do that….

What does this mean… it just means since 1978, when all the symptoms started in earnest… Not one Air Force, Army or VA doctor got it right and not one civilian doctor spanning 1977 to 2017… and that surgery in El Paso in 2011 on my leg, when I came too and my fingers were purple… they nearly killed me, I remember the nurses arguing as they put me under… holy crap on a cracker how many 9 lives do I got???

It also means, that every time this is going on, I am losing oxygen to the brain or something weird that is impacting it and if you don’t think I am freaked… just think of a cat that looks like it got shocked and that is me…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…



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