Neuropathy and Thyroid Disease….

When we came back from Japan in 87, my late ex husband was assigned to March AFB, because the specialist in Pagets’ was in San Bernardino….

I went to the base for my checkup and blood work and that is when I found out I had hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia, borderline diabetic as well as high cholesterol…and no I do not have diabetes, lifestyle changes prevented that disease…

By now I have reached the ripe old age of 33 and a little over weight by 15 to 20 pounds…. and I decline all the medication the Air Force wants to put me on and I go see the specialist the VA sent me too and get told we were moved back to America for nothing… or at least as far as Pagets’ is concerned… we actually should have spent another 4 years in Japan, we just signed up for another tour….so life would definitely not be what it is now if we had….

Anyway…. we divorce and I move to Okanogan county, because the government job I took moved me there…. and the private doc I get in with while I have private insurance tells me the same thing as the Air Force…. so I start medication and my nightmare of side effects went on until this year, when the doc adjusted the thyroid dosage for me, and not what the book says… First time in over 20 years, I don’t have side effects from Levothyroxine… a man-made drug that screws with everyone I know…. 

What has this to do with neuropathy…. Well in 2008, when we moved to New Mexico… all of a sudden I would get super cold at night and bury myself under the blankets…. I would be so covered in goose bumps from the chill, I just thought my thyroid was screwing up and they would do blood and nope… no change… and no one bothered to pursue the symptoms…

This is when the feet became an issue and I couldn’t feel my feet… at all… nada… in fact I cut the tissue off my big toe, when doing my nails… and didn’t know I did that until I saw blood… but the chills, they were the worse and I did my research and thought, maybe neuropathy was the issue, since the VA in Arkansas, had already told me my arms were involved… but they didn’t test my legs in 05….go figure for that….

So this neuropathy crap, can give you conflicting symptoms that you might think are thyroid… but if blood work says no… then do your research… we only get chilled for certain health issues… and that is how I knew, back in 2008…. that I had peripheral neuropathy…. It just took the VA till 2018, to do the tests and listen to this patient….

If you have no thyroid issues, but you have numbness and tingling and loss of balance, vision, etc… and you get chilled like you are outside in the snow with no clothes…. research…. it was comforting to realize my thyroid was not the issue… but disconcerting it was neuropathy, because there isn’t a damn thing you can do, but be informed and adjust accordingly…

I bought an electric blanket…. it helped me cope with the weird cold feeling that happens because of neuropathy and I adjusted my clothing for it also…. It is a new way to live… but the more informed you are, with what you live with… the more comfortable you can be… well, as comfortable as you can get with the illness…

We are pass the 6 weeks waiting on the MRI… and I do not expect it to get done, till my cold goes away… so prompt health care in the VA system was working under Obama…. Under Trump… veterans are dying daily….and the GOP and religious could care less… that is the America we live in… MRI, I haven’t been called for the appointment and when they do… if this cold is ongoing… it will definitely be delayed…

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie….

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