Injuries that I do not remember… but pictures do….edited…


I remember the before and the after… but I do not remember the beating, completely….

What has bugged me about this picture is the way my right hand looks…. Just from my own training and looking at the finger as it is now…. the little finger is definitely broken….

The fore-arm is swollen from blunt force trauma… so is the left, there is another picture showing it…. but the hand and wrist, confused me until just a few minutes ago…. when I was doing those exercises with the balls that you squeeze…. and I realized…. that hand had been blunt force trauma fractured…. damage from the neuropathy hits areas that were impacted by blunt force trauma…. we know that hand had trauma… in fact, not one inch of my little body ever got missed… 

Forensics reports that I have read, talk about domestic violence against children, explains that the bones do not break, but the spread apart, think of spaghetti squash or pumpkin, the insides are fiborous and they pull apart, when impacted, the same goes for childrens bones, they are soft until they go through puberty and even then, early twenties before they are done with the growth process…. and if no medical treatment… the person can end up with issues like I am dealing with…. and we know I got no medical treatment… physical therapy is key to keeping neuropathy from takin hold…I got zero health care…. But the sis that says we are close, got loads of health care…..

Can I get any evidence of this…. not that I am aware of…. a fully body MRI, maybe…. I know that when we were in Japan, back in the 80’s… I had over 6 nuclear bone scans, they inject radioactive isotope …. which showed abnormalities in the bone through out my body and they sent me to Hawaii to Triplet for a diagnosis and the quorum of orthopedics got it wrong….  

I think it was something around 15 doctors when they evaluated me and said Pagets’… a French disease that makes the bone grow big and grotesque…. the specialist in San Bernardino said, they all got it wrong, but he had no clue as to what was wrong…. that was 1987…. and 30 years later…. well…. no one is talking and records are sealed…. sigh…. but I do have one of the bone scans… in fact I have a bunch of xrays I kept my hot little hands on, they would have been destroyed after we left Japan… I wanted evidence….

Some will say how could I have not known… well, you can’t make people talk and my parents and aunts and uncles and granny all kept quiet… now all are gone, except for mother and auntie…. and both are silent as the dead….

Suspicious, I think I have always been so… as I learn more about the injuries that I have compensated for since Texas…. I am realizing just how strong a person I really am….

It is still frustrating… people alive, know what happened to me, but because of their image in their little town and the religious rhetoric they spout…. they be christians ya know… and after watching the GOP and Trump in action… my opinions of the religious is no different than before… It’s just a cover, so you can break the laws society put in place to protect the innocent… Instead….

I have to suffer for their stupidity….and the willingness of the American people to let religion set laws instead of them…You really can not fix stupid….honest you can’t….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…..

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