First loss due to TBI….

Since I know I suffered concussions at the hands of mommy dearest and dropped on my occipital part of my skull from the top bunk by my sis for many impacts and the severe TBI in Big Springs, all by the time I hit 13 years old… First injury at 6… So when did the symptoms start for the Autonomic neuropathy???

My first memory of internal body issues that I kind of understood, but remember I am a kid…. I knew my bowels were messed up from the beatings and I knew my stomach had issues… About age 9, at night after everyone was in bed, I got into the chocolate flavored exlax and a piece of bread… Exlax for the bowel an bread for the nausea, and by the time I was 12, this was a habit that kept me from getting other problems…

Little did I know how this one act, protected my insides….I had emergency surgery in Japan in 1984, I just turned 30 and my bowel was strangled by massive adhesions, which the doctor said had been growing most of my life…I carry about 5 pounds of internal scarred tissue… Last MRI, showed no change, so surgeon did good….but I will always be at risk for bowel damage….

So I can say with certainty, Autonomic started when I was young…. as for the peripheral neuropathy, it was full blown by the time I was 14, and can safely say life has never been what it should….Though it has been progressive and not all at once… And it would come on strong and back off…. This flare up has been ongoing since 1998, is our best guess….and very progressive…. but I am outsmarting it, by exercising more….

I changed to a healthy diet, gave up alcohol and cigarettes, and I am working at being more active… the biggest thing, stretching…for me, that is pivotal to fight nerve damage to my legs and arms…..and any exercise I can motivate myself to do….

All I read says, drugs, exercise and healthy lifestyle is the only way to go, when you live with these two neuropathies…. I pass on the meds, they just make me feel worse and screw with the TBIs and suicide is not on my radar… Life is….

TimesUp WhyIDidntTell #MeToo

I Remember… Margie….

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