Neuropathy & TBI….

Balance, the final frontier… the place I have longed to go… since I fell off the balance beam in high school….

Little did I know at that tender age of 15, that balance would be the least of my issues…

When we played in that abandon industrial lot, with the 12 foot deep basement, and pylons that went for thousands of feet and no fear of balance or falling off… Kids, I was around the age of 11 when I did that in Montgomery, Alabama… 

By the time Don (dad) went to Vietnam in 66… I had been raped and beaten enough times, and dropped on my head off the top bunk… it is a wonder I was able to think at all… but think I did… always plotting how to stay out of the reach of the psycho path…

Don is in Vietnam and all of a sudden mom has health issues… more like lots of panic attacks when she found out she was preggers and dad was nowhere to be found… because he was thousands of miles away…  but I still had my balance… because on the bicycle I went the day Don came back from Vietnam… you can tell how anxious I was to see him, if I left the house when he entered it….

On to Big Springs… because mom fooled them all and baby was on the way and would be pawned off as one of his… but he knew… he always knew… and it happened…. the night Margie died….

Then on to Japan to cover up the scandal the Air Force could not afford and it happened again… and this time they took all of Margies childhood….

Back from Okinawa and I leave home… but I always had a slight issue with balance and just learned to compensate for it… something we all do… but it was the worse thing I could have done… It help to hide all the damage done….

Lived my life and balance has come back to haunt me…. is it the neuropathy or something more sinister… no clue, well, maybe a clue, but lets see what the professionals have to say… hubby knows my thoughts on the outcome….

Things are changing for me… maybe for the good, maybe for the bad… Giving my family any kind of fodder to fuel their hate for me… well they will just have to fantasize and wait for the book… liars never look good in print… just look at Trump….


TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…..

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