The Anger can subside, it takes work…

Either its the neuropathy or vasculitis or something along that line… but when the reaction happens in the brain and I have to deal with something very stressful, the outcome usually is not good for the person on the receiving end… but not this time, and it’s not the first instance of this happening lately… always about choice, even with the brain….

The symptoms that were happening when Tri-West called about the Brain MRI go like this…. the body starts to feel warm and it usually starts at the head and a warmness that spreads to my whole body and I start sweating… something that is not normal for me and an earlier blog talks about it… what one, Jeez, you got me… this is more a diary than anything, because of the book I am working on….

Anyhow… the phone rings and I am in a full-blown episode of what ever this symptom is related to and usually I go off on people, get angry, and obtuse… but the last couple of times dealing with Tri-west, I told my brain, because, both calls this kind of episode was going on… and I just simply told my brain, we are going to have fun with this call and we did… even had hubby giggling….

Come to find out the lady was calling from Seattle…. our home state… and by the time she hung up, I had her giggling more than talking and that is how it should be… but…

Veterans are angry and anyone and everyone is in the line of fire, because of their frustration and disappointment over our nation abandoning us… because their job, or coal, or political connections to the money was and is more important than honoring the very people who defend this nation….

I did let the lady know, I understood why veterans are so angry… having worked in the medical field in the military and the way we treated our patients, you would have thought each one was the president of the united states…. not about who you are… it’s about how you want to be treated…. Maj Donahue was a good teacher and doctor… he was my boss and he help to cover up the rape and attempted murder… he died young of cancer… I would say Karma took care of that betrayal….

Getting closer to answers, but I have a feeling there are going to be more questions than answers and I may just have to submit to a lot more testing… at least we are getting closer… over 30 days since the doc wanted the MRI… and it will be over 6 weeks before I get the MRI… and that is what I am really pissed about… and I don’t see Neuro until Feb 2019!!!

Hubby saw his specialist, had CT contrast and ultra sound and follow-up… All while I am just waiting to get the DAMN MRI… and my husband, is my dependent… the VA pays for his health care… but if they mess with our dependents, they can be sued…

Veterans, well our hands are tied just a little and it takes near death to take them to court… that is what being a veteran in America is… We are invisible… until we get invaded… and the voters tuck their ass under them and run for the hills… makes you wonder what happened to humanity….makes you wonder what happened to patriotism…..

Religion… or lack of education… either way… reality is a cold bed fellow…. any bets how long it takes them to schedule the MRI… my bet, late Dec early Jan…. Yea for health care for veterans… the kids active duty now are in for such a rude awakening… I know… I am still experiencing it… corruption in the VA is not new… nor is dead veterans….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie….

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