The real bully of mental illness…. You…

When I was in the Air Force I got involved with the state institution for the mentally disabled…. I never had so much fun, it was exhausting and still so much fun…. I have pictures from the dance we held at Vance AFB and Dave, my best buddy was DJ… we went till we all were ready to drop….

Those few people who volunteered for those activities, I hope they learned to see the person and not the illness… but not forget that there is an illness and not ignore it, like so many do today….

I have no love loss for religion… It is corrupt and beyond any evil I have ever experienced in my 64 years on this planet…. I make it known, I have no desire to have religion or anything associated with it in my world at this time… Why???

Because I am dealing with mental illness… So I asked those on face book to be my support system… less than 25 people, some I have known for decades…. and still they insist on pushing their religious beliefs in my face, when I am trying so hard to heal from the trauma I was made to endure at the hands of christians…..

I made a tough choice and have slowly been letting these people out of my world…. they do not respect my world…. and my world can not and does not want religion in it….

It is up to ME, to choose when I am ready to allow your superstitions into my world… It is also my choice to escort you out the door of my world…. 

Once the door closes, I have been known to rarely open it again… I asked You to refrain, you decided, you knew what was best for me…

That is being a bully…. and bullies are not, nor will they ever be welcomed in my world…. Domestic violence is an old song… one sung by you and many more yet to come….it is called christians ….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember,,, Margie….

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