Life versus Religion ….

Science says we are hard-wired in our DNA for religion, superstition and other ideology….

I was reading some psychology last night and came across something I had not seen before… combining religion with psychiatry…. which my first thought… so you are enabling a belief???? and come to find out, that is exactly what the articles did… Enable people to believe, even when there is zero proof to support those beliefs….

Okay funny farm here we go…..

Watching the funeral this morning about Bush and the last segment is what we saw after we got up, since we are on Hawaii… and when the minister or what ever title the dude has… got up there and started talking about beliefs in a man, conceived on this planet by an off planet daddy… that is when I turned the volume down on the TV and left the room…. just wow… I mean REALLY?????

Humans are born conflicted, confused and most of all free of prejudice, bigotry, hate, murder, assault, theft….. we are innocent the minute we come out of the womb….

Everything we experience from that point on… is what defines us… for some of the population… religion is the easy out, because you can do what ever you want in life, such as lie, steal, cheat, murder, kill, rape… etc… but your god will forgive you… so have a great life hiding from it…. 

For me… once I got past the lie about the conception of the dude name Jesus and not pronounced the english way, but it’s original form…. then I knew, religion was a con and money-maker…. so the head fake never worked on me as a child, but the fear of the religion did… now why should I fear life, because of a story told a couple thousand years ago…. I didn’t fear life until I started hearing BS about something that was not possible on planet earth at that time in our planets history…. sigh on that one… my soul was saved from eternal damnation called religion…. actually double sigh on that one………….. because I knew this was a con… CONTROL…..

Cons are not new on this planet… they have been around since the human species could think…. once humans got the brain working on how to control large populations and gave the people what they wanted… then you can write your own story with its own history… it just doesn’t make it true… read about Ramesses the 1st… Egypt has exposed the truth about the jewish stories that christians based their faith on…. not much, if anything in the bible is true… but, I will give it a C+ for story telling… National Geographic has done some excellent shows about how the pyramids were built by paid labor… not slaves…. and not Jews….

When reading how the shrinks were enabling those with mental health issues and have a religious faith, I thought instantly of who wrote these and why??? Enabling anyone for any purpose for any reason, tells me that person needs more than religion… they need an independent mind free of the fantasies related to religion and based on the actual world around them….and I ask, why are they hiding from life???

Just as the GOP has been playing this game in America for the last 30 years, by lying to the American people… so too has Religion  for a couple thousand years…

All things come to an end… the GOP is on its last leg now… I expect religion to be right behind it… When humans have to live their lives based on laws and society…. you can run, but you can’t hide… we only have one planet to live on… it’s not that big after all…

To be a good person, you just do it… not pray for it… you just do….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… Margie…

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