Hawaii… I will miss it…

3 days ago I got a new Ipad, and tried very hard to update it while I had WiFi available at the stores we were shopping in… because once we got home, it was all blue tooth and the cell phone… I finally finished updating it yesterday… oh joy….

That is the only hiccup about living here… yea, I could get satellite internet, but it is even more spendy and not interested in the contract…. so I am counting down to our return back to Washington state… just haven’t decided what side to live on, coastal or home….

I saw how the word press site would work if I did it the way I want… just one problem… not holding the signal long enough for the changes to take effect… which is totally normal for my situation… but I am working on it….

Still waiting for the MRI of the brain… and since it was asked for, 4 weeks ago… it will be someday… not psychic and with the VA… I give up… hubby will have one hell of a lawsuit and live comfortably the rest of his days…. if I drop dead on him… when it comes to the brain… playing games with health care is typical republican crap… at least Mrs. Trump got top-notch care… sorry, couldn’t resist….she is so bullied… I mean, REALLY???

No depression, only got pissed off once and that, hubby and I discussed and I wrote about it… hearing is not listening….

Thyroid drug dosage lower per my request and for the first time in 26 years… no side effects from levothyroxine… 

Working at the little exercises…. weight good and then we come to sleep and it went to crap…

This new memory, is elusive and bothersome… it wakes me up and it is gone…. I go back to sleep and there it is again, and awake I become… I know this pattern all to well from my decades of nightmares with PTSD….

I know what ever my brain is letting me see, must not be a good memory, so, I am just along for the ride right now, because I don’t have any other choice… I can’t talk about, what I don’t know about… and this dream… I haven’t a clue… I just know it is connected to my childhood….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell 

I Remember… Margie….

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