Site has changed… Now it gets Fun…oops

The blog is now chronological… with the “Why I Didn’t Tell” as the front page… you can click on the links at the bottom and actually see the journey I have been on…

My story is only unique in one way… I never knew about the TBI until I stood in mom’s kitchen and told her I was missing memory… that was 2010, the last time I ever saw my mother…

Since then I have been dragged into family drama and because of their own behavior… the lies that had been told for 5 decades came crashing down…. Why???

Because a young man, kicked out of the Air Force in a dishonorable discharge who had mental illness and he was allowed to own a gun…. He murdered 26 innocent people on Nov 5, 2017…  that community lost so much and I gained my life back…

Texas and Air Force was the trigger and the memory of Big Springs, Texas played out and the brutal beating a 13-year-old 60 pound girl got… for knowing the secret no one talked about… my new sister was not my dads….

We paid… all of us kids in that home paid and some are still paying 6 decades later….

Domestic violence is an old song, sung through the ages and always they hide behind religion and politics to subject all those to their will….

I fought… from the first memory at eighteen months I fought for survival….

The journey has been up and down the last 12 months… I have learned much about who Margie was and who she is…

I hope to bring to light what our own government is capable of doing when it comes to domestic violence and sexual abuse against women and men….

I have only known for a short time that I was right… I still have more testing to endure… of the brain, there is no doubt I sustained injuries… and we know it happened as a child… I have all my medical records, except the ones the government sealed…

This is my story and my liberation to expose the bigotry, and hatred in our own military that is ongoing today…

I wore a uniform, because I believed in my nation… my nation had other beliefs that were foreign to me and included, lies, deceits, theft of property and death…

I still believe in my nation… but not the men in power… for it was men in power, that buried the truth about what happened to me and the attempted murder of my children, when I was active duty…

They say the truth will set you free… not if Trump or the GOP have their say…. Circle of Silence is no more….

and I just checked an it is not chronological… ugh… okay I give up on this one… the site stays the way it is till we get home… sorry, it was fun to play today… but after a few years here with this internet set up… if this is my only frustration… oh well, time to go do something else for the day… have a wonderful mele kalikmaka holiday season…. if this thing flipss and goes chronological, great, if not… okay….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidn’tTell

I Remember….

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