It is what it is….

Ya know, I started playing with computers in 1984, and then the Air Force sent me to school as a civilian to learn coding… so I started out in computers at DOS and have used so many platforms, my head swims with keeping it straight, or it used too… now it’s Mac or Windows… and still companies make things so proprietary to protect the copywrite on it, it makes the consumer like me more than pissed, it is frustration that used to go off the chart, with cussing, banging things around and just flat-out pissed… gee that didn’t happen this time… 

Nope, instead, I told the kids at WordPress what I tried and did what they suggested and it still didn’t work… and I think it’s only because I use a HotSpot, zero WiFi, zero land line internet… just a cell phone that runs my computers and everything else we use to get on-line… and it is well protected, with many layers…. so I may have shot myself in the foot with this company, because of my protections in place… I may be so secure, I can’t change things on their end… we shall see, they have my connection info, so they may see something I have no clue about anymore… progress is so fast, I can’t keep up with it….

The morale of this little story… Getting my memories back, started the chemical change in the brain, so when things like this, that make my left side of the brain hurt… instead of getting upset… I am evaluating the situation and figuring out the best course of action… and it goes back to the same thing I have said over and over…

If only someone had told me decades ago that I suffered a severe brain injury… I could have gotten help to recover my memories and allow the brain to heal… instead, because my dad was active duty at the same time I was… it was all about image, making sure he got his retirement and he left the military less than a year after I went active… if word had gotten out that a 1st Sgt, which my dad was… had tried to kill his own daughter, who is now active duty… well we just can’t have that…

It is and always will be about image when it comes to the Air Force and the United States government… though after watching the GOP and Trump in action for the last couple of years… we have no positive image left… just remember these people say they are religious and christians, muslims, jews… you name it… they are the ones tear gassing kids and women at the border….

Yep, there are days when my own stupid I can fix… but humanities’ stupid… sorry folks I am fresh out of magic dust for the brain….

No clue if I can change the site to what I want… it just may stay the way it is, till we get back to Washington next year…. coastal living there… I will have real internet… which I so miss, sometimes… solitude here is very good for my soul and brain….

TimesUp #MeToo WhyIDidntTell

I Remember… 

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