You Don’t Know Me… Only What You Think You Know…

Very agitated and upset… this moment in time is one that has happened so many times in the past and this time it was someone who calls me friend, I never looked at our relationship the way they do… I do not look at life the way most people do… I have had to fight to survive it….

My 4th husband died recently, retired from the Air Force and when we divorced I was entitled to alimony and it was from his military retirement pay… I declined it, why, because I have ethics… I did not serve his time and he did not serve mine… the money was his… I would come to regret that choice for a very short time, in the book that story will be…

Anyway let me explain how veterans benefits work according to the last widow I helped to get benefits this year 2018… I have done this process at least 50 times, helping veterans and dependents get the benefits they are entitled too… So I know a few things about the regulations and procedures and documentation required… I have even helped people get benefits for Agent Orange, before the VA did a blanket coverage recently… So yes, I do know how to fight the federal government….

Anyway #4 died, now I have been married twice since #4… So this is why it piss’s me off… I found on my credit report the name of hubby #4, using my identity in California and Florida… Until 2016, I had to sign that damn name on every mortgage I did and I NEVER HAD CREDIT IN THAT NAME!!!!!!! It cost me in the thousands for higher interest, because credit had been established in my name in Florida, where my ex died… makes me wonder if there is property there with my name on it and that is why the wife is panicking… but again, I never had credit in that name after my divorce… but someone was having fun using my identity….

So now they want my information on our marriage and divorce??? REALLY??? If you are not getting VA benefits at the time of death, the process is a nightmare and good luck proving you are entitled…

BUT, IF you are getting benefits at the time of death, any previous marriages and divorces are already on record with the VA and my so-called friend who seems to think I am stupid is a veteran and obviously does not know this, but its okay to open up my old wounds to help my exs wife, who is now her new best friend…. Wow…

I can’t count how many times I dont’ hear from someone, be it sibling or family or friend or acquaintance…. because I am honest and I stick to my ethics and my morals and I refuse to fold to their way of thinking or ideology, I am of no use, until you need something from me, be it information or my brain…. Mother found out thanksgiving of 2017, that does not work anymore…

The days of using me are over… Hubby is well aware of that, children are learning it, one has taken it to heart and we have mutual respect for each other, the other 2 are in for a rude awakening…. We changed our WILLs… I do not reward vulgar, abusive and disrespectful behavior, when it was never their right to begin with and most certainly never deserved… so over bigots in my life, including my kids….

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember… Margie….

PS Maggi’s brains are no longer available for your use… google next time before you ask insensitive questions… you just might learn something, doubtful… but hope springs eternal….


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