Circle of Silence….

I was raised on the bible… it’s an interesting book and yes I read it, like so many others before… but… to me it read like a good piece of fiction… You can’t flood the earth and humans survive… we are not able to breathe water and extract air and with that much moisture on the planet, we would have been one soaking sponge trying to find air… At least a documentary I saw years ago talked about the difficulty of human life surviving on just a water planet, not flora or fauna…

You can’t part the waters, but a tsunami can… You can’t destroy a city with just chanting… but an ancient meteor shower can….

You can kill a giant with a sling shot… you just have to know where to hit the person in the head and anyone who lives on farms, learns this stuff at a young age… no miracle there either…

As for raising the dead… they do that all the time, now  90% of the time it is the person who died who comes back… nothing mystical there either… the brain is more powerful than any computer so far… and no they don’t have a full understanding of the brain… Medicine is not black and white…

As for Moses and the slaves… it has been proven that the pyramids were built by paid labor… Facts over stories… Don’t believe me, then check out National Geographic or other creditable teaching institutions… Facts… not stories…

Then you got the religions… now in the news the circle of silence of predator priests… Nothing new there… Predators come in all shapes and sizes and gods come in any shape and size you imagine… you gave them a license to abuse… you believed in a man-made religion that has no more substance than Trumps Space Force….

That circle of silence went on in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and many more places… Places that are high in left-wing religious bigots who thing its okay to abuse a child through physical, psychological and sexual abuse…

Circle of silence is no more…

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….

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