Rebound started…

The pattern holds true with the neuropathy incidents… I will either get months of semi relief or I will get a year or two… rarely do I get more than that… after 4 decades of this… you get to recognize the pattern IF you are aware… Thanks to Margie, I woke up and I am aware…

Hubby and I tried to figure out the pattern over the last 24 years together… we didn’t get very far… growing your own pot for medical reasons, can leave the brain out to pasture in the thought process… After we laughed about it, I just made a mental note to re-visit the subject when our brains weren’t distracted…

Connecting the dots on my last 40 years of health care and the breakdown of the system, makes me grateful for the brain that refused to take what the doctors said as gospel… No instead I kept questioning it… If I had known about the TBI, things likely would have played out differently… Since mother refuses to provide me with that critical information, I have to rely on my ability to get my hands on old records… Which I have…

It is sad to think that my health issues are related only to domestic violence and nothing else… I have to say thank you to my doctor here… She ran every test she wanted and the VA approved them… So genetics, full body work up and mental… and I got my answers… or at least most of my medical answers I have… The memories, that will come in a year or two with hypnosis thru the VA in Spokane…

We got news recently that will change our lives and is allowing us to leave Hawaii sooner than later… We just have some things to do, before we sell our house… We want someone to just bring their suitcase and move in… we are selling it fully furnished…. all you need is your personal belongings… We figure with the loss of so many homes during the lava flow… It will make it easier for someone who lost everything….. This is one sell that we are looking forward too….

As the plumbers show up to do the work needed, I am just happy it’s not hot, so the house is open until the guys are done… My neuropathy and heat don’t mix well….

I can look forward to some activity until my body says no more…. The day is started and chores await…. There is hope for us with this illness… It’s just one day at time…

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….

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