What is your perspective???

My perspective on life will never agree with you or anyone else… Simple reason… Only one person lived in Margies skin an no other…her perspective on life is her own, as no one else wears the scars left behind by domestic violence and sexual assault, that is branded into her heart, mind, soul and body…

You may relate to a scenario… Yet you did not feel the sting of the rod or belt or hand… Nor did you feel the shame of each sexual assault…

Margies perspective will always be a mixture of what she endured and the lack of action of those adults who could have stopped it all…

Margie sees the people in her birth family with her perspective… Unspoiled by outside influences such as politics or religion… Her perspective is a free mind, not locked in a battle with fairy tale gods and fake news or fear mongering…

Margies journey to freedom is reflected in each blog as she gains the voice that was silenced 50 years ago…

A hot night in Texas and mom starts in on dad, who just finished his 2nd job of the day… A baby in the back ground… A memory forgotten until a young man killed 26 innocents Nov 5, 2017 in a small Texas town… 2 days later I started talking and as we say this blog is the record of this journey to free Margie from a prison not of her making… the night Margie died in Big Springs, Texas…

TimesUp #MeToo

I Remember….

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